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we need you as part of the Heal Thy Self Movement...

Want to reach your ideal people faster?

As a health practitioner or service we know the pains of juggling a few too many hats and spreading your time between focusing
on what you’re actually good at and then in your spare time reaching new people and getting your message ‘out there’.

After almost a decade of building an amazing global community and saw the potential in opening up our platform to help other
health stars like you leverage themselves.

Our mission is to help as many people globally to connect with life changing wisdom,
programs and products enabling people to live HEALthier happier lives!

Become a

 Are you a leader in your
field with a voice to be
heard and want to access a ready made platform?

If you are seeking a platform to share your articles, videos, masterclasses, audio’s (aka: your passion!!) to a ready made passionate community then becoming a Heal Thy Self Mentor is the right option for you!

Become a Heal Thy

We handpick, train and mentor our Coaches to spread the Heal Thy Self message with the greatest integrity.

If health and wellness are your passion and you’d love nothing more than to help transform the lives of others, now is the time to follow your calling and start a career as a heal thy self coach.

Sell Your

Do you have a HEALth conscious
product or idea?

If you have a health product ready made OR an idea and would like that exposed to a community who are interested in health conscious products, get in touch with us!

Get Your
Business Listed.

Are you a business owner that offers HEALth
conscious services?

If you have a business or you are a service provider and your values align with ours then you can request to be added to our Global Health Directory for FREE. Also recommend and share other businesses you know our TRiBE members will love.

Our promise to you, is that we are continually growing this network with members that
are highly engaged and seeking out people just like you.


Running you own business can be lonely at times, but we are here to tell you don’t have to do it alone. When you partner with us you are joining a network of other professionals and becoming a part of the Heal Thy Self movement where you can connect and cross refer. You'll be part of a global network of health professionals who are not only supporting each other but helping humanity to heal themselves. #TogetherWeAreBetter


We offer different levels of opportunity to connect in with our network, but once you’re started you will be more visible than ever to a global community who are actively seeking health professionals just like you.


We believe you have your own zone of genius and we want you stand on our shoulders and use our platform, so you can stay focused on what you’re here to do - to help people heal.


Ultimately this is what it’s all about, reaching more people with your message quickly. It can take years to build a solid following and tap into people who are interested in what you’re sharing. Partnering with us fast tracks you and positions you within a well known and credible platform in holistic health.

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