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Leah Notarianni

Leah Notarianni

Speaker, Business Coach, Sales & Mindset Expert, Leah truly is the “perfect integrator” when it comes to putting “soul” back into personal and business success. Her vibrant energy is not to be misunderstood, as she is truly an example of what it looks like to turn your hardships and struggles, defy the odds and create a life of emotional, spiritual and financial abundance.

Raised in Canada, Leah had a rough childhood. From abuse, hardship and poverty, the light seemed dim for her future. However, if we’ve had any form of “personal development” in our lives, then we know that circumstances don’t define us…we do. And that’s exactly what Leah did.

She used her challenges as fuel to rise above. Fast forward Leah has built a fast-growing coaching business for transformational experts and conscious leaders to help them scale their heart-centred “soulful businesses” in 6 figure successes! She truly has an intuitive prowess for spiritual transformation and business growth!

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