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Chef Cynthia Louise is a whole food chef who’s creativity and passion is boundless which has led her to creating a wealth of courses, products, retreats and more…

She’s created a series of online cooking masterclasses and programs that are designed to nurture you through an emotional connection with wholefoods. Connecting you internally to your incredible organs your body houses. She’s the founder and creator of the world’s first living probiotic spread, MY MIGHT. Originally and expertly crafted in her family home while healing from open-heart surgery. The full storey of the birth of MY MIGHT is on the home page under the shop tab. NOURISH is her 5-day plant-based hands-on cooking retreat which takes place in Bali. A hands-on cooking retreat where you dive into plant-based cooking alongside Chef Cynthia Louise, as she holds you up and shines a light on your soul and pure potential when it comes to nourishing yourself. Chef Cynthia Louise is a contributor & presenter on FMTV and Gaia TV; a long-time partner and mentor with the “Heal Thy Self Movement” online global health network, and has published co-author of 3 international bestselling cookbooks with DR Libby Weaver: REAL FOOD CHEF. SWEET TOOTH STORY. REAL FOOD KITCHEN. Creative food director and partner of global brands, GENIUS U and Entrepreneurs Resorts. Chef works alongside a global team and visionary Roger James Hamilton, building 50 central genius food locations worldwide for entrepreneurs to be nourished while they create and act on their business on a global stage. Chef Cynthia Louise’s on-stage presence means she’s a natural speaker and presenter. She is a voice of care and wisdom that ripples through our hearts gently. 

Connecting global visionaries and local entrepreneurs, mums, and dads into a value system that connects health alongside wealth as one energy, which creates a thriving energetic lifestyle internally.

Feeling extremely grateful to of crossed paths with Chef Cynthia and her inspiring ways! The first time I met her I couldn’t wait to get home to empty my pantry and re-stock it with better choices. She empowered me to change the way I feed my children and deal with their negativity toward the change and created a passion in me I didn’t know was there. I LOVE touching my food while I’m preparing it, smelling it before I eat and LOVE the energy in me that comes from eating it. She taught me to shake the hand that feeds you which I do regularly at my local farmer’s market however here is a virtual handshake for you Chef, you are one freakin amazing being!! xx

– Summer


The commitment Chef Cynthia Louise provides to each individual is inspiring. Her love and understanding with wholefood has given us a much healthier lifestyle and a better understanding of keeping it simple and ever so tasty. Who would have thought myself and my family would crave and I mean crave all the beautiful wholefood that is out there to enjoy.

– Nicole


I was very lucky to spend time in Bali with Chef Cynthia Louise, and was so incredibly inspired by her understanding, respect and connection to food. Lucky for me her connection is contagious and I learned so much more than I could have ever imagined. She continues to inspire me every day, and her recipes always rock my world. I’m so very grateful.

– Sarah Jane Gibson


Cynthia is without a doubt a true master of her craft, she brings such passion and all her humanity to her work, but really it’s so much more than work for her… It is her soul mission and with each recipe, with every piece of sage advice and with every spoonful, she nourishes your soul!

– Eric Roberts