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Bucky O’Neill​

Bucky O’Neill

Expert facilitator, international speaker, business curriculum creator and coach, Bucky never comes short of changing the lives and businesses of those he comes into contact with. He has helped countless lives come into alignment with their truest expression, step into passion and create financially prosperous businesses using their transformational skills and abilities. He truly is both a master in business and a sage in human design!

Many people “do business” from a space of “doing” instead of “being”. Which sadly leads to frustration, disappointment and burnout. However, when you are coming from an aligned space of knowing who you truly are, you are able to serve at your highest level of contribution to the world.

Bucky first discovered this when he was confronted with the hardships of life. Though he was raised in the business world, he wasn’t fully centred on who he was, and instead was focused on who he “should be” based on the world’s perception. This led to relational and emotional heartache.

However, when he experienced his awakening, a divine “ah-ha” to who he was meant to be, everything changed. Since then, Bucky has not only created a highly successful and sustainable business for himself, he has been able to help others create successful 6 & 7 figure “impact-driven” businesses while changing lives in the process!

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