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Nothing about Danny’s life is ordinary as he’s never been content to settle for the status quo. From his first involvement with the family business at the age of 17 to starting up and running multiple top-performing companies, he has learned the secret of achieving success in every realm of life. Inspiring and coaching others to have a strong pragmatic mindset which allows them to reach their full potential is now a passion in Danny’s life.

It didn’t take him long to discover that he had the skills and expertise to build businesses from the bottom up, creating million-dollar success stories in a matter of years. By the age of 30, Danny was a millionaire and owner of six companies. However, his most meaningful achievements relate to people as leading others to achieve much greater personal and professional success is the pinnacle of his life.

I definitely was not living passionately. I had ideas and ambition, but I struggled with self-doubt. Now that I am basing my decisions on my own value system, I have eradicated the feelings of guilt that have plagued me for so long.

– Linda Coleman


I can’t thank you enough Danny!! You’ve taught me so much and have given me such high hopes for the future.

– Dannielle Antonellos


Danny Vorhauer is Mr Rock & Roll of business. I loved every minute of our time spent together, so much wisdom and great advice, Thanks Danny!

– Scott Caporale


I never seemed to be able to achieve that next level of success. There was always something stopping me, almost like a self-sabotage. Now my personal life and career are on a different trajectory. My relationship with my wife has never been better and in my professional life new doors are opening for me.

– Rod Berryman


Doing this course has had a really positive impact on my family life at home and especially my marriage. Given that my husband has done the course as well, it’s just cemented both of our goals in life. Being aligned and thinking the same way has really helped us.

– Maria Bond


Danny!! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you for inviting me along to this course. Thank you for giving us the knowledge and power to create what we want. I will never look at anyone the same (without trying to face read them first).

– Rose Quach

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